Al Firdaus Ensemble

Building bridges between cultures

Al Firdaus is where a rich variety of plants and flowers flourish together producing a rich and harmonious and intimate garden. The members of the group with their different cultural and musical backgrounds contribute to producing the unique sound of Al Firdaus, a synthesis of musical traditions, Western classical, Celtic, Arabic, Turkish, Andalusi, and Flamenco.

They aspire through their music to inspire the highest sentiments and hope that that their music can play a role in building bridges between cultures and spreading peace in these turbulent times.

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Al Firdaus Ensemble is a beacon of hope and a true example of how traditional spiritual music can be both beautiful and relevant in the contemporary world.

Sami Yusuf

The Sufi master and poet Rumi tells how when we hear sublime music “We listen and are fed with joy and peace”. Joy and peace are found in abundance in the music of the Al Firdaus Ensemble and it deserves to be heard by the widest possible audience and shared onwards.

Bob Shingleton

Their music is far from political. It’s all about beauty and faith and peace and devotion — which is a point in itself. Inherent in this musical tradition is the idea that truth is beauty and beauty is truth. Thus, for an artist to create or convey an Islamic thing of beauty is to tell a truth about Islam.

David Montgomery, The Washington Post

Each human being posesses an inner garden; Al Firdaus, where birds sing tirelessly to His Glory.

Sometimes, this garden manifests in the world of the senses and transports us to the only place that really matters. The music of Al Firdaus evokes this state and invites us to retune our instruments, emotions and actions.

Javier Esteban (Writer and journalist)

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