“Longing for the Beloved” with Baraka Blue

Bonus Track from “Nur”, 2017


We are launching our new website and and to celebrate this we would like to offer you the complete track of our unreleased version of Longing for the Beloved with Baraka Blue. Subscribe to our website and you will receive the link to download the complete track.

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Can you imagine one who was the gentlest of men
While being the most brave and just of all who’ve been
One who conquered all desires of self that make men weak
Who granted all who asked him precisely what they seek.

Whom only jewels poured out his mouth whenever he would speak
who was the gem amongst the stones of men who shined unique
a selflessness and generosity that some would say
was merely myth until they’d seen one of the lovers of his way.

Who used to mend his sandals, used to patch his clothes
Who used to serve his family whenever he was home
Who had a noble shyness, not gazing long upon a face
Who honored all he ever met, be he king or be he slave.

Who always felt himself at home the most among the poor
Who never angered for himself but only for his Lord
Always just, always truthful, conscious of the One
Even if it brought discomfort to himself and those he loved.

They call him al-Amin, the trustworthy, the honest
And I call him beloved, my master Muhammad.

(May God shower peace and blessings upon him)