US TOUR 2019

US TOUR 2019

US TOUR DATES 1. Washington DC Sept 28, 7pm, Diyanet Center of America, Tickets available…

Next Concert In Paris

Next concert in Paris

Don´t miss our next concert in Paris, on Tuesday, December 18th celebrating the Mawlid  

Al Firdaus Ensemble In The Festival Of Sufi Culture

Al Firdaus ensemble in the Festival of Sufi Culture

Al Firdaus Ensemble in the Festival of Sufí Culture on Friday, October 26th 08:30pm at…

Al Firdaus Ensemble In Berlin 29/09/2018

Al Firdaus ensemble in Berlin 29/09/2018

Al Firdaus Ensemble in Berlin on September 29th, 2018

Next Concerts In Our UK Tour

Next Concerts in our UK Tour

Don´t miss our concerts in UK TOUR from the 24th to the 29th of July…

Next Concert In The International Cultural Festival Of Inshad In Constantine (Algeria)

Next Concert in The International Cultural Festival of Inshad in Constantine (Algeria)

We will participate in the International Cultural festival of Inshad in Constantine (Algeria) , on…

Interview With Al Firdaus Ensemble On IKIM FM Radio Malaysia

Interview with Al Firdaus Ensemble on IKIM FM radio Malaysia

  LISTEN to an Exclusive Interview with Al Firdaus Ensemble on their first trip to Malaysia…

Interview To Al Firdaus Ensemble In Capradio News

Interview to Al Firdaus Ensemble in Capradio News

Listen the interview at Capradio News   At a time of political rhetoric over Islam…

Ali Keeler & Al Firdaus And Tariqa Wazzaniyya At Sufi Festival

Ali Keeler & Al Firdaus and Tariqa Wazzaniyya at Sufi Festival

Friday night at the Fes Festival of Sufi Culture drew the largest crowd of the…

Classical Musician’s Brave Journey From Mozart To Morisco

Classical musician’s brave journey from Mozart to Morisco

In the 1950s a number of prominent jazz musicians converted to Islam, including - to…

Peter’s Picks: Al Firdaus Ensemble Creates Video Tribute To Al-Andalus

Peter’s picks: Al Firdaus Ensemble creates video tribute to Al-Andalus

The music group’s wide-ranging influences come together in a visually stunning homage to Muslim Spain.…

Nota De Prensa En Sobre Nuestro Concierto En Morris Chapel En Stockton, En El Norte De California

Nota de Prensa en sobre nuestro concierto en Morris Chapel en Stockton, en el Norte de California

Stockton Art Scene: Al Firdaus Ensemble fills the air with joyous sound The Al Firdaus…

Washington Post “At A Time Of Stress, The Moving Music Of Islam”

Washington Post “At a time of stress, the moving music of Islam”

By David Montgomery At about the same time that Donald Trump was reminding everyone at the…